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The Everything Bundle

All SPX Store products in a single purchase.
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Product Details

Buy just once - use it forever.

The Everything Bundle is exactly what it sounds like - a compilation of all most* the available templates and extensions of the SPX store.

*) Excluding SPX Social and Countdowns.

The Everything Bundle (Nov 2021 edition) includes:

Pack Template
Elemento Big Text
Bottom Left
Bottom Right
Column Left
Column Right
Top Left
Top Right

End Credits Roll Default Style 1
Default Style 2
Default Style 3
Default Style 4
Google Slides Left Half
Right Third
Lower Half
Lower Third
Two-Tone Headline
Faith Lower Third
Events Pack Title
Name/Song Strap
Texter Text layer template
Scoreboard Extension A scoreboard and timer for sports.
Corner Bug, Horizontal Strap, Cards
and a Blank HTML for custom designs.
Bug Logo Template
Image Layer Image Layer Template
A bonus template! Simple countdown clock

- CreditsRoll template for SPX

A template for vertically scrolling end credits. Unlimited amount of GROUPS and NAMES. Credit roll duration can be adjusted. Template comes with 4 style presets and their visual style can be freely adjusted with CSS parameters.

- Google Slides Template for SPX

Easiest and fastest way to collaborate on live graphics. The Google Slides Layer is a useful utility template for displaying a Google Slides page as a graphic in live video.

- The Elemento Template Pack

Elemento designed to be a versatile tool to cover most streaming graphics needs such as lower thirds, name straps, information displays, titles, text lists, quotes and much more. 8 HTML templates included.

- Two-tone Premium Template Pack

A premium graphics package with accent color animations.

Two-tone is built for live streaming show productions, such as weekly magazines, product reviews or various event coverages. All graphics have sweeping, masked animations with your brand colors and fonts and non-stop, moving gradients for added production value and professional look. Includes:

  • Full brand identity pack
  • Custom colors, logo and fonts
  • Sidepanel for images and texts
  • Sweeping mask animations
  • Non-stop, moving color gradients

- Faith: A template for Worship Services

A premium Template for Worship Services: Lyrics and Scripture

- The Events Pack

A premium Template Pack for Events. Music, Art, Business, Culture and more.

- Texter

A multipurpose text template for SPX

- Scoreboard Extension

Easy to use sport clock and scoreboard plugin with a custom user interface for SPX-GC


BUG is a basic template for displaying a logo in the corner of a video using the SPX Graphics Controller.


ImageLayer is a super useful utility template for displaying a full screen image over a video using the SPX-GC Graphics Controller.

DISCLAIMER: If you have already used SPX templates and download them again, be aware that by re-installing your previously made customizations might overwritten.

You can find more information about the products on the SPX store.

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SPX Store templates are HTML graphics that are primarily designed to be used with SPX Graphics application in LIVE streams, broadcasts an live events. SPX manages template content in projects and rundowns. SPX is available for free for Windows, Linux, and Mac at

SPX can be integrated as a graphics renderer for OBS (Open Broadcast Software), vMix, Wirecast, XSplit, or other streaming applications with HTML graphics support. For professional television production, SPX can be used with SDI or NDI video workflows with tools such as CasparCG, Sienna CG Engine, and Recast.

Interested in Creative Services for customized graphics packages? Please get in touch for options and pricing.

We are constantly working on additional items for the store. if you have specific needs or you have developed something you would like to see featured here, please contact us.


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