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The new open-source controller for HTML-based live graphics. 

Forget about the complicated, expensive and closed-off live graphics solutions of the old days. SPX Graphics Controller is an open-source software that was created to empower graphics professionals to be limitlessly creative. 

Our goal is to bring the live graphics community into the world of open source and offer the best workflows for graphics professionals around the world.

Open-source, free, source code

Pro License, user-friendly installer and launcher app, access to pro support, and more

Custom licensing, creative services, enterprise 


SPX Community

SPX is proudly an open source project. We started that way, and we plan to continue to be community first.

If you're comfortable with the nerdier side of graphics, you can always go to the SPX repository and do what you like with the code. Enjoy!

And if you love the product as much as we do, feel free to make contributions, suggest features, or show support in anyway you seem fit.

MIT License

MIT license allows you to use the source code freely


Become a contributor to the development of SPX GC.


Open source live graphics controller used by broadcasting, live events and streams. Built by and for Professionals.

This professional version comes with a pre-build binary of the app, as well as a user-friendly application launcher and professionally made template pack to start experimenting with SPX right away.

This is a one time purchase of the current version of SPX Graphics Controller. So no need to deal with annoying subscriptions. You buy it, and you own it, it's that simple.

One pro license covers 10 seats of commercial usage.

Pre-built App

The package includes the SPX GC server, as well as all required components.

Pro License

This license allows up to 10 machines to use the software in a commercial setting

Starter template pack

Includes templates made by the SPX team such as nameplate, logo display, wipe, and more

Installer and Launcher for Windows/MacOS

User-friendly installer and launcher allows you to get started right away.

Constant Updates

Bugfixes and new features update will be available for anyone with this version of SPX GC.

Support Ticketing

Gain access to our support ticketing and contact the SPX team to get professional support

Discount on new releases

With a premium license, you'll get a discount on the next major version of SPX GC

SPX Enterprise

We deeply understand the complex workflows of graphics professionals. That's why we are offering a bespoke solution that fits the need of your team.

Whether you're a production team, broadcaster, or a live event organizer, our experienced team will be able to support you in producing top-notch graphics solutions.

In addition to the pro software, we provide additional licenses, enterprise support, creative services, system integrations, and more. Just give us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

Enterprise License

Customize the number of seats depending on your team size

Creative Services

We can develop custom templates, plugins, and features based on your project.

System Integration

We help integrate SPX GC into your workflow as seamlessly as possible.

Enterprise Support

Get priority support to make sure you project stays on track. First response will be within 24hrs.

Feature request

Request features to be included in the next version of SPX GC. Have a say in how the product will develop

Early access to new features

Get exclusive access to new features and free version upgrade



Send outputs to CasperCG, OBS, Wirecast, Vmix, Xsplit, etc..


Runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux

SPX server can run on-prem or in the cloud

Support external devices such as Elgato Stream Deck


Node.js application using HTML-based live graphics


Uses the browser as the UI (Preferred Chrome)


REST API for external control


SPX Server is a single thread process so the minimum specs are required


The renderer and Controller UI requires mid-high specs, with a GPU preferred


What is a premium license and do I need one?

A premium license is needed to use SPX GC in a commercial use. With the purchase of SPX GC for Professionals, it comes with a premium license which covers up to 10 machines to install the software to. If you need more seats, either purchase another license or contact us as an enterprise customer for a bespoke solution.

Where do i get HTML-graphics anyways? 

HTML-based live graphics is becoming more and more popular in the industry. As it is the point of an open-source software, anyone can make the graphics themselves to use with SPX GC! And if you're not familiar with how, you can either purchase the for Professionals version of the software and get a template pack, or go to SPX Marketplace to find the templates to suit your needs. 

Why isn't SPX GC an "app" like all the other apps I have?

Although it is easy enough to use for non-technical users, SPX GC was developed with graphics professionals in mind. Which means that compatibility, reliability, and flexibility are super important in making their workflows as seamless as possible. That is why the app server runs in a terminal and the app UI/renderer in the browser; it's able to adapt seamlessly to each user's environment! We do offer an "app launcher" for Windows/MacOS

What is the free version? Why would I pay money if it's free?

SPX GC is a open-source software, meaning that the source code is free for anyone in the world to view, use, and modify. This enables the application to be enhanced by the community and be used as widely as possible. But we are still a business and it takes a lot of hours and people to provide the best product. The for Professionals version is a way for professional users to support us in the development of SPX GC, as well as provide continuous support, premium features, and more. 

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