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Installing SPX

This video covers the very basics of SPX, how to install it, create projects, add rundowns and adding items to it.

First time here? See this video.

There is also a Mac version of this video.

Introduction to SPX

This is how you get started with our Graphics Controller! Includes an overview, Installation and Configuration instructions.

Did you know? You can also test drive SPX on-line. 


Customizing default templates

Instructional video on how to customize the look of SPX default templates.

The application comes with a started pack. You can then develop your own, or visit our Store for additional , professionally prepared templates for multiple use cases.

Texter - Hackable text template for SPX

Basic text template with limitless possibilities for LIVE video productions using SPX.

 SPX with Stream Deck

Introduction to http/rest API for remote control of the graphics controller to be used for example with Elgato Stream Deck devices.

Community videos

If you have a video about SPX, please let us know
 SPX discussion in "Office Hours" -livestream

Tuomo Kulomaa, the founder of SPX, was invited to Office Hours, a  global community of live production specialists, to discuss SPX and it's features.

The video goes through the basics of the software and includes a variety of demos, including interactive and social graphics.

How to use SPX with OBS Studio

Timo from Codetive did a quick tutorial on using SPX with OBS.

Elemento Template Pack customization

Timo demonstrates Elemento Pack's style and animation customization options.

How to use SPX Graphics with Ecamm Live

Check out this tutorial by Lyn on how to implement SPX Graphics to Ecamm Live.

More to come

We are working on several new video tutorials for SPX.
If you have done a tutorial video and want to see it added here or if you have a request for a video, please submit it using the feedback form.

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