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If you've been with us, you might be wondering about the pricing. Read the blog post


SPX Graphics Controller

SPX Graphics Controller 1.3.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux

This purchase comes with a collection of example graphics as ready-for-production HTML templates.


SPX-GC works with CasparCG, OBS, vMix, Wirecast, XSplit, MimoLive, Ecamm Live or any other software supporting a browser source.​​​​

  • Starter graphics package with various themes

  • Installer and launcher for Windows/MacOS

  • Premium License covers 10 seats

  • Free updates until next release (1.4)



Currency is in Euros and will be adjusted to your area's currency at checkout. Additional tax not included in shown price.

Our commitment to free and open-source

While we are offering priced products to support the continued development of the project, SPX fundamentally believes in FOSS as the ideal form of software. That is why we are offering two free options for our community and casual users. 

Previous versions

Previous compiled versions are free to download. These are meant for workflows that depend on a specific older version and for evaluating the application.

Source Code under MIT License

Our source code is freely available under MIT license. You can clone the repository and run it locally in development mode. Found a bug? Please send a PR.


Pre-Built App

The package includes the latest SPX GC server, as well as all required components.

Starter template pack

Includes basic templates made by the SPX team such as nameplate, logo display, wipe, and more

Patches and updates

Bugfixes and new features update will be available until the next release (v1.x.9)

Premium License

This license allows up to 10 machines to use the software in a commercial setting

Installer and Launcher for Windows/MacOS

User-friendly installer and launcher allows you to get up and running right away.

Discount on new releases

Once purchased, next major release will be 50% off

SPX + Pro Support includes everything above plus...
+ Pro Support

Gain direct access to the SPX team for reliable and fast professional support

+ SPX Store Credits

$100 worth of store credits to explore plugins and templates when signing you up

+ Support Ticketing

Access to our ticketing platform to open and track requests

+ Continuous Updates 

Always have access to the latest version of SPX-GC. Updates will continue as long as the subscription continues



Send outputs to CasperCG, OBS, Wirecast, Vmix, Xsplit, etc..


Runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux

SPX server can run on-prem or in the cloud

Supports external devices such as Elgato Stream Deck


Node.js application using HTML-based live graphics


Uses the browser as the UI (Preferred Chrome)


REST API for external control


SPX Server is a single thread process so the minimum specs are required


The renderer and Controller UI requires mid-high specs, with a GPU preferred


Wait, I thought SPX GC was a "free" app?

As the SPX community keeps growing, so does our need for resources. What was once a personal project has turned into a product used and trusted by professionals around the world. And in order to keep developing and improving the product, support, and the SPX ecosystem, it requires time and money.

As a way to support the project, we've come to the decision to sell the newest compiled version of the SPX GC app for a simple one time purchase.

We didn't take this decision lightly, as we fundamentally believe in an open ecosystem where as many people as possible has access to a great product. But we want to make the product great.

With that being said, all past versions will become 100% free when a new version is released and they can be used by anybody for anything without any restrictions. In addition, as the source code is under MIT license, the constantly maintained source code of will remain open and free, and developers and software enthusiasts, like yourself, can clone and run the latest version of it as always.

Where do i get content for SPX-GC anyways? 

As it is one of the main strength of an open-source software, anyone can start making graphics for themselves to use with SPX GC with a little bit of web development knowledge! And if you're not familiar with how, you can go over to the SPX Store to find graphic templates and plugins to suit your needs. 

What is a premium license and do I need one?

Any purchase of SPX-GC comes with a premium license, which covers up to 10 seats of commercial usage. If you need more seats, either purchase another license or contact us as an enterprise customer for a bespoke solution.

What is the free version? Why would I pay money if it's free?

SPX GC is a open-source software, meaning that the source code is free for anyone in the world to view, use, and modify. This enables the application to be developed with the community and be used as widely as possible. The paid version is a build of the SPX-GC with premium features like an installer, launcher, starter templates, etc. It is a way for professional users to support us in the development of the product, as well as providing better community support, ecosystem development, and more. 

But if this is your first time with SPX-GC, we suggest you download the free version first and test it out before purchasing!

Why doesn't the SPX GC app look like all the other apps I have?

Although it is easy enough to use for non-technical users, SPX GC was developed with production professionals in mind. Which means that compatibility, reliability, and flexibility are super important in making their workflows as simple as possible. That is why the app server runs in a terminal and the app UI/renderer in the browser; it's able to adapt seamlessly to each user's environment! But don't worry, we offer an "app launcher" for Windows/MacOS for a more native app experience.

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