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Animated Emoji

Enrich your video presence 🤩
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Product Details

You have feelings. Show them! 😁

Animated Emoji is an SPX template for live streams and online meetings. You can choose one of 100+ beautifully animated, high framerate and high quality emojis to enrich any video production or meeting.

The template has settings for three lines of text, an emoji selector, left/right selector and a visual Theme selector. Template comes with a collection of themes and more custom themes can be added as needed. Read this SPX Knowledge Base article for details.

Did you know you can add this template or any SPX graphic to Microsoft Teams meetings? Read instructions here.

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Some examples

Here are just some examples of over 110+ emojis available in the Animated Emoji -template!

🤩 😘 🤠
🥳 🙈 💩
🚀 🍾 🦋

All these emojis comes as animated assets in the template



The template is provided as a Windows installer and a ZIP file for manual installation on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Files are available as a download link at checkout and in the confirmation email.

  • 1 HTML template (for any 16:9 resolution, 720p, FHD, 4K...)
  • Over 100 animated vector emojis (using high framerate lottie SVG animation format). Emojis provided by Google Fonts.
  • Supporting files (such as HTML, CSS, and javascript source code in "non-minified" format to allow for modifications)
  • PREMIUM LICENSE covers the use of plugins on 10 host computers. Please see the premium license for details.


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SPX Store templates are HTML graphics that are primarily designed to be used with SPX Graphics application in LIVE streams, broadcasts an live events. SPX manages template content in projects and rundowns. SPX is available for free for Windows, Linux, and Mac at

SPX can be integrated as a graphics renderer for OBS (Open Broadcast Software), vMix, Wirecast, XSplit, or other streaming applications with HTML graphics support. For professional television production, SPX can be used with SDI or NDI video workflows with tools such as CasparCG, Sienna CG Engine, and Recast.

We are constantly working on additional items for the store. if you have specific needs or you have developed something you would like to see featured here, please contact us.


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