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Easy-to-use credits scroll with custom styles presets, speed control and a production logo.
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CreditsRoll -template for SPX

A template for vertically scrolling end credits. Unlimited amount of GROUPS and NAMES. Credit roll duration can be adjusted. Template comes with 4 style presets and their visual style can be freely adjusted with CSS parameters.

Test the template before buying.
(Please use a desktop browser.)

CreditsRoll demo

Default Style 1

Credits are aligned to the center panel with a dark background. Orange groupings and names in white.

All positioning values, colors and fonts can be customized with CSS parameters.

Default Style 2

Credits are aligned to the left side of the screen. Semitransparent white background, red groupings and black names.

Default Style 3

Aligned to the right, without background.
Default Style 4

Movie style. Black background, centered texts.

Rememeber, colors and fonts can be changed.

Credits can be added to the template by writing or pasting text from another file. The content must be formatted with the following rules for the system to work.

Groups are headlines with their own style. Lines that end with a colon character ":" are identified as groups. Names are people within each group. See this example:

First Person
Second Person
Third Person

Fourth Person

Fifth Person
Sixth Person
Seventh Person


The template is provided as a Windows installer and a ZIP file for manual installation on Windows, Linux or Mac. Files are available as a download link at checkout and in the confirmation email.

  • 1 HTML template (HD 1920x1080)
  • Supporting files (such as html, css and javascript sourcecode in "non-minified" format to allow for modifications)
  • README.pdf for installation, customization and usage instructions
  • PREMIUM LICENSE covers the use of plugin on 10 host computers. Please see the premium license for details.


You can try out the template before buying
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SPX Store templates are HTML graphics that are primarily designed to be used with SPX Graphics Controller application in LIVE streams or broadcasts. SPX manages template content in projects and rundowns. SPX is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac at spxgc.com.

SPX can be integrated as a graphics renderer for OBS (Open Broadcast Software), vMix, Wirecast, XSplit, or other streaming applications with HTML graphics support. For professional television production, SPX can be used with SDI or NDI video workflows with tools such as CasparCG, Sienna CG Engine, and Singular.live Recast.

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