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Google Slides Layer

Use Google Slides as collaborative graphics in SPX.
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Product Details

Use Google Slides as graphics in SPX

Easiest and fastest way to collaborate on live graphics. The Google Slides Layer is a useful utility template for displaying a Google Slides page as a graphic in live video.

Test the template online.
Google Slides demo

Graphics playout works with CasparCG, OBS and vMIX just as any other SPX-GC graphics template.

  1. Make your content in Google Slides
  2. Add View permissions in sharing options
  3. Copy URL
  4. Paste to URL to the template field
  5. PLAY

Some of available size (crop) options

Google Slides Template is a utility template to work alongside with other templates such as the Bug and with complete template packs such as Elemento or Two-Tone.

Google Slides Template adds new possibilities to live productions.

Other team members can prepare content before the on-air begins and the content can be updated during production also. Changes done to the Slides do not update on-screen while they are out, latest content is only loaded at play command. Consider these use cases:

  • Sponsor logos
  • Newest Patreon supporters lists are easy to update
  • Topics of the day
  • Product reviews with images
  • GIF animations
  • Dynamic graphs and charts can be linked from Google Sheets
  • Looping carousels of news items, sports results, weather data, photo galleries...

Core features

  • Template for playing out a page from Google Slides document
  • Size selector: show only a part of the page on your video (fullscreen, left/right/bottom half/third)
  • Animation style selector (wipe, slide, fade, cut)

  • When template is played the layer animates in with desired animation and is shown at chosen size, such fullscreen, lower third, left half etc. When stopped the layer will quickly fade out (cut).
  • Google Slides Layer template uses embed mechanism provided by Google
  • The template comes with different animation type options: cut, fade, slide in from top/right/bottom/left, wipe in from top/right/bottom/left
  • There is a control to choose how the slide is shown on-screen. You can download this image to be used as a layout guide in your Google Slides to align elements within the size options available in the template
    • Full screen
    • Left half or third
    • Right half or third
    • Lower half or third
  • With loop-option, the template first shows the page defined in the page number field and then after a given delay the next page is displayed, then next, and next... The loop will resume from the first page when the end is reached. This looping facility can be helpful in showing news items, sponsors, statistics, contact information etc.
  • The template comes with an additional border design element which can be turned on or off. Once on it's color can be changed by entering (any valid) CSS color value to the field.

    Make changes to the document and play the graphics with Google Slides Layer


The template is provided as a Windows installer and a ZIP file for manual installation on Windows, Linux or Mac. Files are available as a download link at checkout and in the confirmation email.

  • 1 HTML template (HD 1920x1080)
  • Supporting files (such as html, css and javascript sourcecode in "non-minified" format to allow for modifications)
  • README.pdf for installation, customization and usage instructions
  • PREMIUM LICENSE covers the use of plugin on 10 host computers. Please see the premium license for details.
  • This template requires SPX-GC version 1.0.11 or newer

Try before buy

On our test server you can try Google Slides Template and you can also copy/paste the URL of your Slides document into it.

Need more info? Ask us via the chat on this page or contact us.

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