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SPX Social

Moderate Tweets, Instagrams and other messages to screen LIVE.
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Product Details

SPX Social is an application extension to SPX Graphics

Social media messages to live productions.

Collect and display messages on screen LIVE from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Soundcloud, Flicker, RSS feeds or from proprietary data sources.

SPX Social is a tailored solution for fast and easy social media message moderation and playout for broadcast television, live streaming and events.

Try SPX Social online:

Testdrive it online before downloading!


The extension can be used in a restricted DEMO MODE without a license. While in demo mode, the inbox is restricted to just 5 messages per project and the user is periodically reminded about restricted mode. A license string can be added to the configuration file to remove all restrictions.

Social UI

SPX Social user interface

Messages are collected from online data sources and are displayed in SPX Social as incoming feeds that can be played out instantly. The visual style of the graphics can be customized to match your style and brand.

SPX Social can collect from RSS feeds and when using Flockler as the aggregation backend SPX Social can collect messages using keywords, hashtags and accounts from several social media platforms such as

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • RSS Feeds
  • and more...

All collected items are visible in SPX Social and can be played out instantly using a mouse or with keyboard shortcuts.

SPX Social comes with three graphic templates which can be used as-is or they can be customized with CSS styling to match your brand color and fonts.

See SPX Social user interface (view on Youtube)

Core features

  • Fast playout solution for social messages in broadcast TV, live streams or live events.
  • Organize social media playout into separate "projects". This works well when using SPX on several shows, each with different social media channels and visual styles.
  • SPX Social can be operated with a mouse or very quickly using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Comes with two customizeable graphics layouts: Lower Third, Side Panel and Center Box. Each template has customize.css file for changing colors and fonts. By default the template color scheme changes depending on the message source; Instagram is purple, Twitter is blue, Youtube is red etc. These colors can be overwritten in the stylesheets.
  • See also our Knowledge Base articles on installing and licensing SPX Social.

    Template " center box" for live events

    Template " sidepanel" for live broadcasts

    Template "lower third" for live streams and broadcasts.


The extension is provided as a Windows installer and a ZIP file for manual installation on Windows, Linux or Mac. Files are available as a download link at checkout and also in the confirmation email.

  • SPX Social plugin & extension
  • 3 HTML templates with customizeable colors and fonts
  • Supporting files (such as fonts, images, javascript, etc)
  • PREMIUM LICENSE covers the use of the extension on 10 host computers. Please see the premium license for details.
  • License covers all future bugfixes and features in SPX Social 1.x.
  • Please note: SPX Social requires SPX Graphics v 1.1.2 or newer


When you buy a license for SPX Social, we will help installing the licenses (a single purchase covers use on up to 10 host computers).


There is an option to purchase an installation and configuration service for installation, configuration and training (45 minutes).

The service is a web meeting (using Zoom or Meet) and optionally remote support using AnyDesk. Scheduling instructions are provided at checkout.

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SPX Store templates are HTML graphics that are primarily designed to be used with SPX Graphics application in LIVE streams, broadcasts an live events. SPX manages template content in projects and rundowns. SPX is available for free for Windows, Linux, and Mac at

SPX can be integrated as a graphics renderer for OBS (Open Broadcast Software), vMix, Wirecast, XSplit, or other streaming applications with HTML graphics support. For professional television production, SPX can be used with SDI or NDI video workflows with tools such as CasparCG, Sienna CG Engine, and Recast.

We are constantly working on additional items for the store. if you have specific needs or you have developed something you would like to see featured here, please contact us.


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