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Global enterprises improve their collaboration experience by implementing SPX Graphics for Zoom -app

Softpix has introduced an enterprise version of the SPX Graphics for Zoom -application. The enterprise version of the SPX for Zoom deployment offers centralized control capabilities to distribute customized, branded overlay graphics and related features to Zoom meetings held by their staff.

NASDAQ listed Fortune 500 company is the first major client to make an agreement with Softpix to deploy SPX Graphics for Zoom -application across their organization. Due to confidentiality, the name of the company is not published.

“Big global enterprises already have high standards in their collaboration experience management practices and we are proud to be able to bring something new to their bag of tricks by using integrated graphics and animated overlays right within the Zoom user interface”, says Tuomo Kulomaa, the founder and CTO of Softpix.

Atte Varsta, CEO and co-founder of Softpix emphasizes this exceptional collaboration for a Finnish company. He says that the first enterprise solution for SPX Graphics for Zoom is a major step. “This is a new market area for us. Global companies are expanding their activities and business operations to different online platforms. This requires sophisticated branding tools with engaging communication features that can convey the desired brand image.”

SPX Graphics for Zoom is developed by Softpix Ltd and is part of the SPX Graphics product family, a set of graphics tools and workflows for professionals and enthusiasts producing live broadcasts, live streams and live events. It’s used by thousands of companies, professionals and Zoom users around the globe, such as YLE, Analog Way, Veikkaus, BBC, Tellyo, NDF etc.

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Atte Varsta

CEO, Softpix

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