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HIFK and SPX collaborate to update outdated screen systems

HIFK is the oldest active hockey team in the Helsinki area celebrating the 125th birthday this year. Their home games are played in Helsinki Ice Hall, “the Nordis” in downtown Helsinki, where The Club has played top-tier hockey for almost six decades.

HIFK uses a screen in its games for information and media sales and this is where SPX comes to play. SPX Graphics was invited to replace the previous, manually operated, and technically outdated system.

The updated SPX system in the hockey hall can be used, for example, to create a spectacular game clock or to display the fans' social media comments or questions.


“SPX enables us to react faster. We can spot the celebrities and highlight the players in real time. The information looks good and the visuals are unified”, says Raakel Koittola (Sales And Marketing Manager at HIFK-Hockey).

"And this has been only the beginning for us. Now that we have learned the basics we are able to have more social media content from the fans to amplify their feelings not only in the ice hall but everywhere. It’s their possibility to be a part of the legendary “Nordis atmosphere” from all around the globe. So happy to be able to release this in the near future!"


Updating the outdated systems to SPX enables the monetization of screens with small local advertisers who do not have the opportunity for expensive advertising productions. For example, a product image or logo can be inserted into the hall’s screen without additional production work.

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