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TVC News chooses SPX Graphics for 24/7 production

“ We're delighted to tell you that we've found a solution to change the look and feel of our news channel. SPX templates impressed us with their flexibility, animations, visually appealing designs, and low system resource requirements.

By opting for SPX templates, we can give our news channel a fresh and captivating appearance without the need for costly hardware investments.

SPX seems to be an ideal budget-friendly choice for our urgent/immediate requirements”, says Nagaraju Nagaulapalli, Senior Manager of TVC News Infrastructure

TVC News, a Nigerian 24 hour television news channel based in Lagos, found SPX approximately 1.5 years ago and decided to test it to evaluate the software's capabilities and determine its suitability for their specific needs. Impressed by the results, TVC made the decision to replace their graphics system and fully embrace the HTML based SPX Graphics solution.

With over 70 users every day, the software became an integral part of their workflow; enabling the creation and delivery of dynamic graphics for their television channels TVC News and TVC Entertainment.

SPX Graphics customized tickers

Transitioning to SPX Graphics was a significant milestone in TVC News' quest for a more efficient and visually appealing broadcasting experience. TVC News also needed several customized tickers to meet their specific needs: a News ticker pulling data from Google Spreadsheet and a Stock/Commodities tickers pulling content from an API source.

News Ticker - Real-Time Updates

The News Ticker dynamically updates with the latest news and headlines, pulling data from a Google Spreadsheet. This allows the news team to focus on creating rich content, while the ticker handles the real time delivery of the content to the viewers. Within the UI, content can be categorized and styles can be assigned to each category, such as the Breaking News.

Financial Tickers - API-Sourced Data

To provide live financial information, TVC News required a solution that could fetch data from APIs. With the help of SPX Graphics, they implemented a transition logic solution that seamlessly integrated two types of financial tickers: commodities and stock values of various securities. This customization provided TVC News with a comprehensive and visually appealing representation of the financial market data.

Transition Logic

Each ticker is an independent layer that can be added or removed individually. All tickers are aware of eachother’s state and they will reposition themselves accordingly. This smart behavior of dynamic screen graphics is often referred to as “transition logic”.

Positive Impact on Visual Output

The successful implementation of SPX Graphics and the creation of personalized tickers had a profound impact on TVC News' visual output. By delivering dynamic and engaging graphics, they enhanced the viewer experience and increased information retention.

SPX Creative Services

“When TVC approached us, we were glad to hear they had been using SPX Graphics successfully for a long time and were even able to create a complete broadcast package from our existing templates with their internal team. But when it came to implementing more intricate solutions such as connecting with external APIs, they reached out to our creative services. After just a few remote meetings, we were able to deliver a fully custom ticker solution in no time! A schoolbook example of frictionless cooperation!” states Atte Varsta, CEO at Softpix.

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