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SPX Graphics for Zoom 

Zoom App for lower thirds and other graphics in Zoom Meetings.

SPX Graphics for Zoom lets you experience beautiful, animated lower thirds and other graphic overlays in Zoom Meetings with ease.


Free version

The basic version of SPX Graphics for Zoom is 100% free.

The free version comes with preset color schemes and it occasionally displays the "Overlays provided by SPX Graphics" -watermark.

Add to Zoom

Pro version

Subscribe to SPX Pro for the full experience.

The Pro version removes watermarks, enables customizing your own colors, adds  more graphic layers and access to VIP support.


The app is currently in beta and some features may be limited or disabled. For the latest information please see the Release Notes.

Get 70% off while we are in beta. 

Multi-user licenses

Please contact us for multi-user licenses and branded customizations.

Base layers

SPX Graphics for Zoom comes with permanent Base Layers for the most important overlays, such as

  • Name, job title, company, location

  • Your logo image

  • Current time

  • News Headlines

  • Fullscreen message

  • Virtual background control

Overall look and feel can be changed with alternative Base Designs. The app comes with two base designs: Starter and Zebra.

You can get more base d
esigns from the SPX Store or you can request a custom base design for your brand

Additional layers


More graphic templates can be installed as Additional Layers from the SPX Store. The free version has one additional layer and the Pro version has 5 additional layers.

We are constantly adding more fun and useful graphics, such as image galleries, graphs, text lists, emojis, etc.


Visit SPX Store to browse our current selection.

512 (1).gif
This is soooo exciting!
MyMood example template
Pro Beta
Occasional SPX watermark
News ticker
Fullscreen message
Realtime clock
Color presets
Image and logo uploads
Custom colors
Virtual background control
Additional layers
❌ 1 preset
❌ 1 preset
✅ 5 installable
❌ 2 presets
❌ 2 presets
✅ installable
Settings storage

Support and documentation

Need our help? Looking for documentation for SPX for Zoom?

Latest changes and known issues

Our growing collection of support articles regarding SPX Graphics

Join our free user community and discuss with other SPX users.

Fill in a form and we will get back to you in 2 business days.

Licensing to PRO process
in the beta version

SPX for Zoom announced in Zoomtopia 2022!

Zoom CEO Mr. Eric S. Yuan announced SPX Graphics for Zoom App during the opening keynote "Vision and Product". Read the press release

Zoomtopia is an annual event organized by  Zoom Video Communications. (NASDAQ: ZM). This year the event was held on Nov 8-9 at San Jose Convention Center in California.

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