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SPX for Zoom

Finnish Softpix announces a new "SPX Graphics for Zoom" -app, that users can use to add TV-like visual elements in their live streams.

Softpix Ltd, a Finnish developer of television graphics tools, takes a giant leap as its SPX Graphics App will be launched as part of Zoom Apps. With the SPX Graphics App, Zoom users can complement their video streams with TV-program-like logos, graphics and captions. The SPX Graphics app for Zoom was announced during Zoom’s annual user conference, Zoomtopia.

Softpix was founded a year ago, but it already has an established and well-known user base. It has international clients such as BBC, AnalogWay and Tellyo, and Finnish major broadcasting companies such as the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, Nelonen Media and Veikkaus. More than 4,000 professionals are already using Softpix tools.

In November, Softpix plans to launch its SPX Graphics app for Zoom under Zoom for Creators, which enables content creators to access a suite of tools to improve their meetings, recordings, and live streams directly within Zoom.

"We are thrilled to welcome SPX to our Zoom Apps ecosystem! The SPX Graphics app for Zoom is an exciting and strategic step in Zoom's ongoing collaborations with the media and broadcast industries. SPX represents an excellent deployment of our Zoom Apps Layers API. It provides our users ready-to-use visuals, reactive animations and television-level graphics for meetings and webinars," says Andy Carluccio, Events Engineering Manager, Zoom.

The man behind Softpix's technology is Tuomo Kulomaa. He started developing SPX in early 2020, and it was released in September of the same year. Kulomaa has 25 years of experience with companies using television graphics.

"Until now, the users of our service have been professionals who understand our technology in depth. Our app for Zoom turns the application into a consumer product, which changes its nature. We need to invest in the ease of adding visual elements to a product demonstration, company presentation or even an online yoga class," says Kulomaa, founding partner of Softpix.

Kulomaa says that the company's big vision is for the product to be like the apartment rental platform Airbnb.

"The idea is that the developer community can produce graphics and visualizations for our platform, and the Zoom user can buy them for their live stream. The goal is to significantly simplify the process of purchasing live stream graphics," he says.

Atte Varsta, CEO and co-owner of Softpix, emphasizes the significance of this exceptional collaboration for a Finnish company. He says the streaming market is forecasted to multiply over the next few years.

"We are excited to begin this journey with Zoom. The use of video content is increasing in corporate communication, education, personal brand building, and marketing. The lack of an easy-to-use graphics application on the market has slowed the development of professional operations. SPX brings a solution to this need. In the future, Softpix's will serve companies, consumers, and service providers in the industry," states Atte Varsta.

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Additional information / Interviews:

Atte Varsta, CEO, (business development)

Tuomo Kulomaa, CTO, (technology, creative services)

Softpix is a Finnish startup company producing live graphics solutions. The services offered include the integration project of live graphics solutions, creative design, SPX application, maintenance and operation – or only parts of the services tailored to the customer's needs. SPX Graphics is used by professionals and consumers, e.g. on television, live streaming and events. SPX Graphics is currently used by more than 4,000 professionals and organizations worldwide.

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