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Template customization options

With customized graphics, you stand out from the crowd and convince your audience of your professionalism.

When you purchase a template from the SPX-GC store, you have a few options. You can

  • Use them immediately as they are

  • Customize the colors and the fonts (you will receive a readme.pdf -file after the purchase)


  • If you have experience on HTML / CSS / Javascript, we recommend you to customize the template to fit your own brand and needs. The templates can be used as a tool to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Customizing the template

You can customize your template's colors and fonts by adjusting the css-file. Read our Knowledge Base -articles on the topic:

If you want to make more advanced changes, that can be done by editing the html-code.

Creative Services

Are you looking for fully customized graphics for your live streams or live production? Our creative services include:

  • Pixel perfect SPX-GC templates with your brand identity and look & feel

  • Advanced template features (data feeds, social media, elections, tickers, etc.)

  • Tailor-made graphics workflows

  • System integration

  • SPX-GC as cloud-based SaaS solution

Interested? Contact us!

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