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Test the templates on Test Drive -server

You can find professionally produced, FREE and PREMIUM, graphics templates for live streams and other productions from our SPX-GC Store.

We are constantly expanding the product lineup: single templates, template packs, plugins, and extensions. All items are carefully tested and comes with full source code for easy customization and other development.

Use our Test Drive -server to see the products in action before buying.

Test Drive -server

Enter the Test Drive -server here.

Once you open the server, you can browse through all our templates available.

Open any template you want to try by double clicking the name or choosing the template and pressing 'Open Project' button on the right side of the bottom of the screen.

For this tutorial, we are going to use the Two-tone Pack.

Two-tone is built for live streaming show productions, such as weekly magazines, product reviews or various event coverages. All graphics have sweeping, masked animations with your brand colors and fonts and non-stop, moving gradients for added production value and professional look.

We you open the project, you will see different rundown options. In this case, we will choose the Green style by double clicking the name of the style or by choosing the Green style and pressing 'Open rundown'.

Once you open the rundown, you will be able to play the graphics and customize the texts and placements of the graphics.

Here you can:

  • Play any graphic shown on the left hand side of the screen by clicking the name and pressing Space or the green button on the bottom

  • Edit the content by double clicking the item to open the template content editor

  • Use the buttons on the right, to stop all the graphics or clear playout channels.

You can also go back to Projects to test our other templates.

Edit content

You can change content of the graphics by double clicking the items on the rundown, you can add more templates to the rundown with the [+] button or you can duplicate the items with ⧉ -icon.

The options available will be different to each template since they all have been designed for different purposes.

Animations and overall look & feel is kept consistent in each template pack, but they come with a customize.css stylesheet file for changing fonts and colors. Some template packs also allow changing animations for different effects. SPX-GC is designed as a playout tool, so nuanced graphic design aspects are not part of the application. Web designers and developers can create any kind of visuals and animations as templates which can be used inside SPX-GC.

If you have any questions about the available templates or you are interested in custom solutions, please get in touch.

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