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Trade show warriors

Every company takes time to think carefully about any business activities requiring any effort.

Which things should we focus on next? What can wait? Should we concentrate on creating new things or keep improving the old? SPX Graphics is a fairly new company and we also need to balance these questions carefully.

And attending trade events is a big one!

Is it really worth flying across the world?

Sitting 20+ hours on a plane each way, in a crammed seat unable to work or sleep? Spending several days just walking the endless tradeshow corridors, eating lousy food and drinking expensive bottled water while the inbox floods with new leads, action items and tickets.

Especially today, after the pandemic? Companies have gotten sooooo much better presenting their stuff online, yes?

Well, yes. Companies have been forced to get better with their online presence also. Sure. Of course they will produce excellent product videos and have their community managers share those conveniently to your LinkedIn feed and the next newsletter. Surely you can call your local reseller for a demo...

But do you know what is REALLY going on..?

If you go through the trouble of packing and jet-lagging your lazy ass over there - you shall be rewarded. You get to meet the actual doers. Your peers who go to places and do things. In real life! They work and talk to their clients and go to dinners. They sell, install and configure and break things. Figures out issues, workflows and workarounds, new technical abbreviations, tools and kewl scheisse you never even knew existed.

Often you hear these war stories while holding a beer. And you get to share a story or two. And you bond and you laugh! And you build trust and scan each other's QR codes. Like a blood covenant, between us warriors!

And then, back at work you come across a mighty challenge.

The damn thing doesn't work, its incompatible, old version, broken or at least misconfigured. But ha! Luckily my rolodex has just the ninja needed here...


We also came back from NAB with our bag of tricks even fuller. More resourceful and professional. More tools, tricks connections, partners and clients. And a few war stories of our own to share with you at the next event...

Because we are definitely attending!


Writer Tuomo Kulomaa is the founder and CTO of SPX Graphics

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