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CuePilot integrates with SPX Graphics

As the NAB Show 2024 was opening doors, CuePilot released a new version of their popular software for controlling live shows. One of the new features is the integration with SPX Graphics' Control API.

SPX item on a CuePilot timeline

This new integration will allow production teams to control various titles and graphic overlays precisely and predictably during live productions, increasing production value and reducing errors.

The integration utilizes the REST API built into SPX Graphics and the battle-tested http-module within CuePilot.

"Integrating technically with SPX was a relatively easy process." says Danny Hodgetts the Business Development Manager for CuePilot and continues "as several of our clients are using SPX already, a tighter integration makes sense for everybody."

"We are naturally happy to see a wider adoption of HTML-based graphics in the industry and integration with CuePilot is going to speed up things even further" says Atte Varsta, the CEO of SPX Graphics.

CuePilot is used globally by the leading production houses and broadcasters, including the BBC and YLE and more. CuePilot revolutionised the workflow of planning and executing live and as-live production. The industry-leading tool pioneered a digital workflow for teams to collaborate and communicate their creative plans, allowing artists, directors, and producers to articulate and execute their plans, with consistency and clarity. We’re proud to see SPX graphics also be planned, perfected and executed through CuePilot too.

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