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Softpix Signs Partnership Agreement with Tellyo

Helsinki, FIN, 14 April 2022 – Softpix, an innovative Finnish start-up company developing a global solution for real-time graphics, is very pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Tellyo, complete cloud production platform. This agreement will see SPX graphics integrated into Tellyo’s popular Stream Studio production solution, providing customers with a wide range of ready-made graphics templates for their live productions. In addition, SPX will be able to provide custom-built graphics for specific productions and projects, as customers require. “We’re very happy to enter into this partneship with Tellyo”, notes Atte Varsta, CEO & Partner of SPX parent company Softpix. “Tellyo’s profile and customer base is growing at a remarkable speed and we’re happy that SPX will be able to provide even more creative options and value to Tellyo customers. We are already supporting a global community of content creators and this welcome relationship with Tellyo will help us extend our reach even further”. Tellyo CEO Richard Collins is also excited by the possibilities and potential of this partnership. “We’re extremely pleased to be entering into this partnership agreement with SPX, and it extends the capabilities of our Stream Studio platform and opens up many exciting opportunities, both in terms of the future direction of Tellyo solutions and our ability to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. SPX is a great complement to our platform and our relationship will allow us to jointly offer even more creative options, flexibility and production horsepower to content producers everywhere”.

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